Design and manage Digital Cards Try it for Free !
Design and manage Digital Cards Try it for Free !
Design and manage Digital Cards Try it for Free !

WATCH our video and DISCOVER Idenge Cards:

  • No APP required (Works on Apple Wallet and Passwallet for android).
  • Design your card or adapt any of our templates.
  • Update the content of the card at any time or to a specific day.
  • Provide useful information for your customers, partners, members.
  • Adapt the look of your card seasonally or on special dates.
  • Link Fields with internal Database and Message System.
  • Work Stand Alone or connect API with your System.

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Product benefits


I receive the card in my phone easily and without registering or downloading an APP.
-Access to the card at any time even in case of loss.
-Information always updated with valued data for me.
-As a user, I decide the level of notifications to receive.


Companies can interact with customers without the need for an application, although you can link to an APP as an additional element:

-Modern and innovative image.
-Ability to update any field of the card.
-Sponsorship opportunities
-Variable Data with internal database

Apple Wallet and Passwallet

Idenge Cards do not need to download a specific App, they are stored directly in the Apple Wallet (IOA)  or Paswallet (Android), where your boarding passes, concert or theater tickets  are stored. By using these applications we ensure that your card uses a platform in constant evolution, secure and that will grow with new technologies such as facial recognition or NFC communications among others. Your card will never be obsolete; on the contrary, it will evolve technologically along with the leading companies in the mobile Industry. Although most of the features of the card are the same, there are some functions that may vary depending if the card is installed on android or iPhone. With our solution, you can design and manage both IOS and Android cards in the same procedure.


  • Idenge: Medical center


    Medical center

    "Idenge Cards is a perfect way to help our patients improve their user experience with our Hospitals before and during their stay."

  • Idenge: Söllworld


    Söll Technical Ski Wear

    "Idenge Cards allow us to engage with our customers and update any information anytime. We value the look and feel of digital cards."

  • Identity Engagement


    Identity Engagement

    "Smart Phones bring better engagement opportunities for everyone if the Information is accurate and useful"

  • Joan


    "Our customers value Idenge Cards as a complement for existing Plastic Cards solutions. Is a Mobile feature that allows to personalize and communicate."