How to import a user database from CSV file

How to import a user database from CSV file

In the section users of the dashboard we can register users manually or we can import a file in CSV format for a quick load of our database.

To do the import correctly, you have to follow these simple steps:

Before Importing:
1. Make sure that the format to be imported has the correct fields Titles:
2. The CSV file must have the titles of the fields equal to those in the Dashboard.
3. The CSV file at least need to have the fields "Name" and "Email".
4. It is not necessary to have the Fields "Link" or "Status" fields because their content is automatically generated after the import.
5. If you want to import more fields you must add these field titles in the Dashboard. For example if in your database you have the field with Title name XXX you must create in the Dashboard the field XXX before importing.
6. Save your File in CSV format

When importing:
1.- Click the CSV Button above in the Dashboard in the users section
2.- Choose the CSV file and proceed to the Import.
3.- Remember that only the content of the fields whose Title in the CSV file is with the same name in the Dashboard will be imported.

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