Now you can send push messages to your users with IOS Iphone devices

Sending push messages to IOS devices

One of the main features of the cards or passes of Apple Wallet is that they allow great interactivity with the users of the cards allowing not only to update any field or image of the cards but also to send notifications or direct messages that appear immediately in the screen of iphones devices.

In this post we explain how you can send direct messages easily and quickly.

Follow the steps below to send PUSH direct messages to users of Iphone devices:

1. Go to the Dashboard USERS Section

2. Select the users to whom you want to send the message

3. You can send individual messages or also to a group of users

4. click on the white envelope icon

5. Enter the message to send

6. Select Send

Remember that these messages can only be sent to users with Iphone devices

The message will appear on the iPhone screen and will remain on the top of the phone until the user selects it

Additionally, the Message will be stored on the back of the card (the last message sent is always saved).