Places : New Dashboard feature to manage visitors

New Section Places

Places is a new section of the Idenge dashboard menu that allows you to add the locations that will read the QR codes or 128 Barcode of the cards of your customers or users to locate them.

We explain it in 3 simple steps:


Within the Places Section, the first thing we will do is add a place. There are three fields that we will fill:

        - Name of the Place: For our own identification: For example X Street Store

        - Email and Password. This is the email and password that identifies the Place. The system what it does is that when it is read with a mobile device the Bar Code 128 or the QR will open the browser and will have to inform of that email and that password so that it is associated with the Registered Place (only it is necessary to add manually the email and password the first time because it can be saved on the device)


- In the section My Card / Front Fields, you must link the barcode with the field: "Places Code" so that the appropriate link is assigned and when reading the code you will be directed to the user's password.

- Remember to publish your card once the changes have been made.


Once you have configured the Barcode of the Card and added a place, you can check that each time the card is read from a mobile device with the appropriate username and password, we will be registering in each place which user has visited the place and at what date and time.

To consider:

- You can register as many places as you wish.

- Each place must have a unique username and password.

- The mobile device that reads the Code must have internet access