QR code identity verification system for digital cards

QR code identity verification system for digital cards

You can configure your digital card so that the QR code present on the card serves so that anyone reading it with another mobile device can verify that this card is valid and the user is registered in the Idenge database.

If you read the QR Code present in the image, you can check how it is verified that the user data is correct, which allows you to verify its validity.

In the event that the user is not in the database or the card has expired when reading the QR code, an invalid user message will appear. To enable this function, just in the My Card / Obverse section, enable the QR Code setting to display the Identity Page function in the Value field.

This new functionality of the Idenge platform is very useful for applications where you want to verify the identity or validity of a digital card or credential for visual control and access or verification of technicians in service companies.