See you later plastic cards !! 6 reasons why users prefer digital cards

See you later plastic cards !! 6 reasons why users prefer digital cards

We have already seen in other articles the advantages for users and organizations of the use of digital cards, we already know that we can easily send them to our users by email, that we can update their content remotely at any time or on the occasion of a particular event and that we can send push notifications to the mobile phones of our users, clients or members and we can also notify them by geolocation, but the question is what users say? How do they see digital cards? Are they tired of plastic cards? Do they see advantages to the digital world?

In this post, we list the reasons why users prefer digital cards over plastic cards.

The most repeated word by users is "convenience", that is, using digital cards is much more convenient than plastic cards, and these are the main reasons:

1. I don't have to worry about losing or forgetting my card

2. I always carry my mobile phone with me

3. It is faster to access the card

4. I don't need to have physical contact

5. I have updated content on my card and links of interest

6. Digital cards are sustainable for the environment

A large majority of users state that they would use a digital membership or partner card hosted in their Mobile Wallet if they had it available.

The loss and renewal process of the new card is one of the reasons that cause the greatest frustration for users, as well as the fact that they always have to carry the physical card, even if they only use it occasionally.

It is also important to highlight how users behave with the Push notifications they receive on their mobile phones; The success rates of opening this type of notifications can reach 60%, which are rates much higher than 20% of the opening rate of emails, for example.

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