Lock Screen Notifications in Android and Iphone devices

Lock Screen Notifications

Using Idenge´s Dashboard you can program notifications by Geolocation that activates a message on the mobile phone. This message is displayed when the device is blocked so that when we lift it, it is shown before inserting the pin, fingerprint or facial recognition. In this post we will show how these notifications are and how they behave depending on whether it is an Iphone or an Android device.

First of all it is important to highlight that this type of notifications can behave differently taking into account several factors:

- If the user has activated or not the notifications of Google Pay or Apple Wallet.

- Regarding android if you have also activated or not the sound and vibration options.

- For iphone users if that card has authorized notifications in Lock Screen (back of the card).

- Android has different behaviors depending on three factors: Android version, Phone model and Carrier although the first two are the most relevant.

Using Idenge´s Dashboard we can establish a Geolocation message:

- We introduce the Adress using google maps  autoaddress tool

- We named the message internally.

- We write which text do we want to show at the LockScreen . Keep in mind that the text will only be displayed on iphone devices; On Android phones what is shown is a message with the name of the card and the fact that it is available for use.