Why and when is it useful to use variable images in digital wallet cards?

Why and when is it useful to use variable images in digital wallet cards?

We already know that digital cards allows us that ALL its content can be updated at any time and in a matter of seconds the cards of our users will change with the new content or image. So, we can change any text or number content, any date, any link or email, telephone...; We can also change the background color of the card as well as the colors of the titles and texts but VERY IMPORTANT we can also change the images either the logo on the top left or also the central image of the card.

Discover in this Post the possibilities of variable images in the digital Wallet card.

We are going to list the different possibilities of the Variable Central Image:

1) Temporary advertising:

    We can insert advertising from a third company or our own in the central image in such a way that we generate new income. We can also program from what time and day and until when we want that image. Once the period is over, the cards return to the initial image

2) Specific Dates:

    If on a specified date (for example Christmas, Father's or Mother's Day, Black Friday ...) we want to change the central image to celebrate that specific day or days and customize the image of the card.

3) Promotions

    Many clients update the image of the card with 2x1 promotions or other types of benefits for their users

4) Different categories of users

    If, for example, you have several types of user categories and you want each one to have a different central image, we can also manage it from the user database, filtering and assigning the desired image for each group in such a way that the image on the card will be different. according to the type of user.

There are many possibilities offered by digital cards and their management of variable data and images and above all the possibility of generating various marketing impacts with our users and further personalizing our relationship with them.