Manage your cards in 3 simple steps

Manage your cards in 3 simple steps

1) Design your card

Decide the visual design, front and back fields

2) Link your users

The dynamic fields will be linked to your users database or your own system

3) Choose your notifications

Update any text or image automatically selecting a date or by push.

Design your card

Design your card

Design the look of your card

Design from our templates or following the tutorial. Select the background color, the main image and your logo

Customize the front fields

USer name, category, points balance... Any field is customizable and even the Barcode

Choose the back fields

Add text fields for extra information of your program, time table, address, phone, email...

User management

User management

Add, Load or Connect

Build your users database, Load a CSV file or connect to your management system via API

Match fields

Select which of your card fields will be linked to your users database and it will show the data in real time

ERP Integration

Contact us if you prefer total integration with your management system.

Valuable information

Valuable information

Updated data

Update fields remotely and keep your card updated. Send useful information to your customers

Personalize your relationship

Adapt your card to your customer's needs, personalize on special dates or launch marketing promotions

Adapt your card at any time

Change your card's image based on the season or any festivity

Notifications and Sponsorship

Notifications and Sponsorship

Many possibilities

Automatic notifications
Push notifications
Activation by geolocalization

Increase your income

Use the card's main image to enable interesting advertisement for your customers.

Non invasive information

At any time your customer can decide which notifications or updates will recieve, so we recommend to show valuable notifications. See them in our examples.